Comments from Satisfied Clients – Stout Handmade Knives

The quality of Johnny’s work is high indeed…he has the talent to translate your desires and needs into working steel. If you need a good knife, particularly of your own design, I thoroughly recommend Johnny Stout. He’ll read your mind and deliver what you want. And if, like me, you are thrilled at the prospect of owning a dressy but fully funtional tactical folder, he’s the man to go to.  Ralph Mroz, Tactical Knives Magazine

Johnny I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I love my new Gemini… It is always a great pleasure, and unfortunately an all too rare pleasure, to receive a liner lock knife that operates perfectly. The fit and finish are so perfect it is difficult to think of something to comment on, so just let me say that I admire and appreciate the fine workmanship every time I pick the knife up. It is an excellent design, extremely comfortable. The lock is well protected, and easy to operate. The thumb studs work very well for me. I really appreciate the fact that they are smooth on the top, with the grip rings a little lower down. It makes them easy on pocket edges. I like the blade grind very much. This is one of the best cutting knives I own. This is just the best working folder I have used. Thanks for a great knife Johnny! The Gemini is a hard working and cherished possession. Best Regards, Steve Harvey, San Jose, CA

Johnny, I received your knife today. FANTASTIC!! As you said, it is a beautiful knife. I saw your new Protègè on your page. Another great knife. Thanks and congratulations! Take care! Ovidio Rovella, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Johnny, I previously exchanged emails with you regarding a standard Gemini model. Well, I really didn’t want to wait to get one following an order. Thus, I contacted Ariz. Knife (Karen and Jay Sadow) and told them of my interest in your Gemini — and hopefully you would have one at the Guild show (since I couldn’t make it to the show this year). Yep, I received the Gemini, serial number 701, today. This Gemini instantly became my favorite custom folder! In fact, I rate it as an “Iron Mistress” for me. I truly like the fit, finish, style, weight, balance, blade shape, clip style, etc. Johnny, I like this knife!!!! The action is sooooooooo smooooooooth. My day was made when this knife arrived at my office. Thanks for your dedication, detailed work, and effort that went into this knife. Robert A. Zielke, Seattle, WA

Mr. Stout, I just received The Classic folder that I ordered from you. It’s even more beautiful than the pictures that I’ve seen. It works so smooth, and the cutting edge is hair popping sharp. Thanks for the beautiful knife. I’ll contact you to place another order. I saw the picture of your Zodiac and want to order one when thay are available. Regards, Chris Carmada, Vashon, WA

Johnny, I received the Protégé knife yesterday and I want to compliment you on the workmanship. I especially like the overall feel and weight of the knife along with the file-work…. I like this knife too much to put it in a case so it will be an every day carry for me. Thanks and I’ll be interested in your future work. Lapsley Hope, Kingsport, TN

Johnny, I hope you are feeling well after your surgery. I know I’m feeling well after opening the package that came in today’s mail. This Titan is just about the nicest knife I have ever held. You are a true artist. I look forward to the day I can meet you in person and talk about this thing that is your craft and my obsession. Best Regards, Brian Childers, Woodland, CA

Johnny, The Dominator is kick ass. It is a work of art, really beautiful; other knives look silly next to it! Please take good care. CJ STERN, CHICAGO, IL

Johnny, it’s beautiful, beyond anything I expected. Your skill and artistry astounds me. The Aristocrat knife is a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to hold. And, it’s MINE!……The opening action is butter smooth. The best of any knife I’ve handled. The liner lock is so closely machined with the profile of the scales that at first I found it disconcerting. Then I realized that the close tolerance also resulted in effortless disengagement with a nice positive “click” when the lock frees the blade. A very nice touch, it’s that attention to detail. ED HACKETT, CHESAPEAKE, VA

Dear Mr.Johnny, good morning. Thank you for the Gemini. It’s very beautiful work.!!! Nice bolster, beautiful handle and inlay…..The Gemini weight is seemingly heavy but very light weight !!! I know you are exhibiting at the Florida Art Knife Show next January. Last January I visited and enjoyed very much. If I have time to visit at the next show, of course I’ll meet you there. I hope you continue making fine custom knives forever. Thank you very much. KEI TOMONO, ORLANDO, FL

Johnny, I just picked up my Gemini knife and It’s beautiful!. It feels like it was made to fit my hand. This is a knife I’ll be carrying for a good long time, the craftmenship is great. I don’t know what else to say. I’m going to be making a leather sheath for it soon. I hope to show it to you when I see you at the show East Coast Custom Knife Show in March. Hope all is well. See you soon. ROBERT ROSARIO, BRONX, NEW YORK

Dear Mr. Stout. Thank you very much for the knife, which I received on Dec. 24th. What a great Christmas gift. I’m very happy with the knife you made for me!! Your craftsmanship is excellent and the design perfect. This is the best knife I own. LUKAS BENEDIKT STILLI, BASEL, SWITZERLAND.

Dear Mr. Stout. I just wanted to write and tell you that I received the Protégé Knife in the mail today. I couldn’t be happier with its appearance, function, and obvious fine craftsmanship. Your reputation is well deserved and I am very pleased to add this folder to my collection. Thank you. Sincerely, ROLAND C. EINHORN, M.D, BALTIMORE, MD.

“but oh, my, what Johnny did in craftsmanship on this knife must be seen to be fully appreciated”. MARVIN EDGEWORTH, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

“I have to say I am in utter awe of your work. The Aristocrat is an absolute gem. I just can’t say enough about what a fine piece of craftsmanship this is. Your knives are everything I look for in a well designed and well built piece. This thing feels so right in my hand I may not be able to put it down all day”. Take care and keep up the good work. BRIAN CHILDERS, WOODLAND, CA

“Johnny, I received my Cariad knife A-OK through my friend Jeff and I must say that it was much more beautiful than I had expected, and I expected a lot! The MOP is absolutely delicious and the MOP button inlay ‘hits the spot’ too. Superb Damscus on blade and bolsters too (thanks to Darrel too) I don’t believe I have ever had a blade that was ground that thin and precisely before on any of my other custom knives. It has replaced my Harvey McBurnett as “best knife” in my collection, and that is saying something!” Johnny, many special thanks for the superb execution on my serial # 5, you are # 1. ROLF HATTERSCHEID, GERMANY

Johnny, I have just received the Gemini. It is a beautiful knife! Thanks for the file work and the checkering. Both add to the good looks of the knife. This knife verges on being too nice to even think about carrying. But I am sure that I will. I will keep you posted. BILL DINGES, ATLANTA, GA

Johnny, the Protégé knife arrived safely. What a wonderful and superb piece of craftsmanship. An absolute gem and much more beautiful beyond anything that I expected. Images on your web site do not do justice to your craftsmanship. The leather belt holder is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship, and overall the Protégé is a unique and wonderful work of art. Just so bloody pleased with your work and attention to detail. Do hope that sometime in the future, will have the pleasure of doing business with you again. Thanks again for the product of your sweat, skill and craftsmanship. Kindest Regards, KEVIN T. DURHAM-FISHER AUSTRALIA

Johnny, the Baron and Aristocrat folders arrived today, they are more than awesome. very nice work! I am proud to show one of your knives to anyone. They are first rate. Keep up the good work and remember me. DAN HUNNICUT, BREA, CA

Johnny, my new Baron was delivered today… I’m glad I waited! It’s everything I expected (plus a little). Your workmanship is flawless; the mammoth ivory scales are superb. The damascus (Thomas & Eggerling) flows like they belong together and the gold screws finish the knife off with class. This is really a great piece Johnny. This Baron will be the Crown Prince of my collection. I’ve been collecting for 25+ years – customs, the last 20. I’m not wealthy, but over the years I have learned a lot about knife making and knife makers and have accumulated a nice assortment of ‘special’ pieces. I have a pretty good idea of what quality looks like and your workmanship and attention to detail has that look. You are a pleasure to deal with, and I have a hunch that you put a lot of yourself into your work… and it shows. Thanks again. CONRAD WRIGHT, BAKERSFIELD, CA

Johnny, the Zodiac arrived Friday in good order. It is really wonderful. In fact it’s so great that I have decided to keep it hidden until a year from now when my 17 yr. old George graduates from high school and give it to him. It was well worth the wait for this piece of functional art. Great job, and , thank you very much. DAVID GIAMMITTORIO, ALEXANDRIA, VA

Johnny, the Zodiac is absolutely beautiful! I’ve shown it to several friends and they just gasp in amazement. The “feather” Damascus is really nice and of course your overall workmanship is second to none.Thanks. TOM LANSING, PHOENIX, AZ

Johnny, the Aristocrat you delivered is absolutely beautiful. I especially enjoyed the video (Vol 4) that shows how you make the liner lock knife, as it really shows the amount of time, detail and handwork that goes into it. I had brought it in to work last week to show everyone that I had been telling about it for the last year, and got all the oooohs and ahhhs. Thanks a lot. BRUCE COONS, COPPERAS COVE, TX

Johnny, I received my custom Zodiac today for my birthday. It is beautiful. The damascus steel and workmanship are everything that I could possibly imagined and then some. The opening mechanism is flawless. It is truly a work of art and precision. The craftsmanship is something that is not found everday in our time. I thank you again. The knife will be cherished by myself and will be something that can be passed down to my son. Jay, Lake Jackson, TX

Johnny, just a quick note to let you know I received my knife yesterday afternoon. As expected, the quality and craftsmanship of your product is simply outstanding. The edge was exceptional as it came out of the box, with no sharpening required by me (perhaps after skinning 2 or 3 Whitetail’s this fall, the Damascus may see my stone). I am sure I will be the envy of my colleagues at the hunt camp this November. The process from ordering to delivery was very efficient and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. I am confident this piece will be handed down through several generations and I look very forward to my next purchase. Thanks again for the masterpiece!. A Canadian fan. Michael G. Melnick – Ottawa, Ontario.

Johnny, one word describes the left-handed Second Generation Tactical Gemini you made for me: Beautiful. Thanks – Savas Kyprianides, Long Beach, NY

Johnny, I just received the knife. It’s excellent. The Sambar make a great looking handle. I’m looking forward to the Auto. Your work and your designs are excellent. Thank you so very much. Gene Garvey, Paris, TN

Johnny, I picked up your package at the post office this Thursday because I missed the mail person on Tuesday. I really am an impatient guy but have learned through the years that good things are worth waiting for. When you said that I would not be disappointed, you were right! I was very pleasantly surprised; the knife is excellent! In fact, the knife has actually grown on me as I have had a few days to examine and study it. You are definitely the master of detail and precision! From the liner to the ladder pattern damascus blade, from the ivory handle to the bosters; it all works together to make for a complete, well balanced, and cosmetically pleasing unit. The mechanism is a smooth as silk and the locking device feels so good as it falls into place. Thank you for choosing such a wonderful piece of ivory for the handle and for making the turn around time quicker than expected. I feel very fortunate to pocess one of your knives. Thanks. Paul Chan, San Carlos, CA